Washington is filled with wonderful opportunities for fishing. I often find myself fishing for salmon on a kayak in the Puget Sound, trolling a lake for kokanee, or sitting on a shore of a lake trying to catch trout. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks a number of lakes with trout throughout the year, and newly stocked lakes can be a great place to catch some easy fish, or introduce your niece to the joy of fishing.

WDFW publishes stocking reports, though I have found the page a little difficult to use. One can input species, lakes, and other data and receive a table of stocking information for a time range. Sometimes, I just want to know if there has been any stocking near my house, or maybe where I am planning to go camping. I decided I wanted to build my own stocking report map to solve the problem. It’s been cold and rainy lately, so I thought this could be a good project to work on while I spend time indoors. Here is my first draft. I’m planning to write up some detail on how I made it soon.

Interactive Stocking Report Map